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My name is Slawek, I'm a software engineer. My passion is delivering efficient, robust code that helps people meet their goals.

I live in Wrocław and have fun working for Picadilla, where I have the pleasure to create best games in Poland. You can download my resume if you like to.


During my years as a professional software engineer I cut my teeth on a diverse range of programming, starting from PHP, through JavaScript, Ruby ending on Java.

Originally I started with PHP which was my language of choice for BS thesis. I went through number of web related technologies. I successfully deployed the one of the very first shopping cart based on Magento and build up few Magento extensions. I even monetize some of them. I also did PHP and Zend certificates and graduate and realized I need to learn new language.

Since I was already writing my MS thesis in Java it was natural choice. During Java time I had the pleasure to work for such facilities as BioQuant institute, ETH in Zurich and University of Konstanz where KNIME was born or IBM. During that time I had to do with enormous number of frameworks or tools like, I've made some Java and JEE certificates and I stay hungry and foolish...


In case you have a project that you would like to get me involved in or you just want to chat about something - drop me a line

I'm usually working Monday-Friday. So just shoot me a good old fashion e-mail.

I am available for freelancing.